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LeoMoon BashDeploy


LeoMoon BashDeploy is an easy to use linux server configuration, management and app-deployment tool. And it does not require any configuration. It uses SSH to push bash scripts to client servers and run them with sudo.

It is fast secure and reliable. It can also capture exit codes from your bash scripts to make debugging easier.

LeoMoon BashDeploy can elevate admin user once logged into each client server. Admin user on client servers does not require enabling NOPASSWD.


  • Zero configuration
  • Run bash script(s) on multiple serves
  • Use profiles to organize servers in groups
  • Ability to view console output from remote server
  • Captures bash exit codes to make debugging easier
  • Comes with free training and one year support
  • Admin user on client servers does not require enabling NOPASSWD
  • Modular
  • Secure
  • Fast

Exit Codes

  • 0: No error
  • 1: Undetermined error in file copy
  • 2: Remote host connection failure
  • 5: Connection lost for some reason (wrong user/pass?)
  • 255: Error occurred in SSH
  • For your own bash scripts, it is better to use exit codes 11 to 30


  • Any Linux or Unix operating system with bash support.
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