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LeoMoon Twitter2RSS


Twitter stopped supporting RSS when their API 1.1 was introduced. To get the latest tweets or to automate things (using RSS), you have use their API 1.1 with OAuth. LeoMoon Twitter2RSS is made to make this process much easier. With this you can generate latest tweets for your account and use it in different places like


  • Generate custom Twitter RSS feeds
  • Includes cache system
  • Easy to install and modify


  • Arash Soleimani


  • 1.2: Twitter2RSS is now a class (twitter2rss.class.php)
  • 1.1: Cache added by Arash Soleimani and cron feature was removed
  • 1.0: First release with no cache (cron based)


  1. Sign up for Twitter developer account with your twitter login.
  2. Create a new application
  3. Fill “Name”, “Description”, and “Website”. “Website” must be the same website where this script will be installed.
  4. Click on your newly created application
  5. Make sure “Access” is “Read only”
  6. Make sure “Callback URL” is the same as “Website” in step 3
  7. Click “Keys and Access Tokens” tab and get “Consumer key”, “Consumer secret”, “Access token”, and “Access token secret” and paste them accordingly below...
  8. Upload “index.php”, “OAuth.php”, and “twitteroauth.php”, and “cache” folder to your webserver. Something like below:
  9. Go to “” and your rss will be generated
  10. If “” is empty, then change permission of “cache” folder to 777.


Linux webserver

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