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LeoMoon BashBackup


BashBackup is a reliable backup system for Linux. With BashBackup you can automate database and folder backups and upload them to another FTP or Dropbox. By combining BashBackup with Linux Cron, you can setup backup schedules and fully automate this process.

Zip file includes two files:

  • sqlbackup is used to automate mySQL database backup
  • dirbackup is used to automate folders backup


  • Automatic backup of mySQL database(s)
  • Automatic backup of folder(s) with exclusions
  • Automatic upload of all backups to another FTP
  • Automatic upload of all backups to Dropbox using Dropbox access token
  • Custom compression ratio


  • Amin Babaeipanah


  • sqlbackup 0.30: Added error check
  • sqlbackup 0.29: Initial release
  • dirbackup 0.18: Added error check
  • dirbackup 0.17: Initial release


  1. Make a Dropbox app and get a Dropbox access token if you also want to upload backups to Dropbox
  2. Follow the INFO section of each script


Tested on cPanel 66.0.24, Ubuntu 14.04, 16.04

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