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LeoMoon ParsiNegar


Without having a free and easy way to type, Persian culture will not advance.

ParsiNegar is the most complete freeware to type Persian and Arabic anywhere. This applications comes with a System-Wide ParsiNegar Keyboard and a Unicode Editor. With it’s System-Wide Keyboard you can type standard unicode in supported applications like editors, browsers, etc. And with it’s Unicode Editor you can type anywhere that Persian is not supported.


  • Small setup size that will help you with all your typing needs
  • New system-wide keyboard which will take over Windows keyboard without modifing any system files
  • Includes two standard Persian keyboards
  • Very fast with low system requirements
  • Standalone editor loaded with 400 fonts
  • Includes tandard and Non-Standard algorithms to type in graphical suits
    • Standard algorithm for Adobe applications
    • Non-Standard algorithm for 3D applications
  • Export to vector feature for even more compatibility


Future development of this project depends on community donations. All proceeds will go towards the development. You can donate using [THIS LINK] and make sure to include which project you want to support.


  • Ali M x2
  • Kamyar Keikhosravy
  • Farshad Kivi


  • Amin Babaeipanah


  • 1.50:
    • Added Persian menu when program is displayed in Persian
    • Added «ه‌ی» to «هٔ» converter under Tools menu
    • Added «"ا» to «اً» converter under Tools menu
    • Added Edit/fix ZWNJ problems under Tools menu
    • Added «%» to «٪» converter to numbers to Persian numbers converter
    • Added elevated privilege to ParsiNegar Editor
    • Fixed Windows 8+ settings problems
    • Fixed the gap between characters when exporting to vector
    • Fixed .lpn save problem when exiting program
    • Fixed .lpn save problem in Windows 8+
    • Fixed «ParsiNegar cannot write at it’s root folder» error in Windows 8+
  • 1.27:
    • Added numbers to Persian numbers converter under Tools menu
    • Minor bug fixes and improvements
  • 1.26:
    • Added ability to Toggle Direction (DIR)
    • Added Ctrl+D hotkey for Toggle Direction
    • Improved export modules

How to install

  1. Download and install
  2. Use [F9] to enable unicode typting
  3. Double click on the ParsiNegar taskbar icon to open the editor

Future ideas

  • NA


Windows 7 and later

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