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LeoMoon ParsiNegar


Without having a free and easy way to type,
Persian culture will not advance.

ParsiNegar is the most complete freeware to type Persian and Arabic anywhere. This applications comes with a Unicode Editor. With ParsiNegar’s Unicode Editor you can type anywhere that Persian is not supported.


  • Small setup size that will help you with all your typing needs
  • Very fast with low system requirements
  • Standalone editor loaded with 400 fonts
  • Includes Unicode and Compatibility algorithms to type in graphical suites
    • Unicode algorithm for Adobe applications
    • Compatibility algorithm for 3D applications
  • Also Includes a fast export module to convert text to vector path (vector shapes)
    • Export to EPS
    • Export to PDF
    • Export to PS
    • Export to SVG


  • Amin Babaeipanah


  • 2.1.9 2022-12-17:
    • Added option to skip fonts when installing ParsiNegar in Windows
    • Added Options menu
    • Added Reverse Words (Recommended for Most Graphical Suites) under Options menu
    • Moved Special Convert for VideoStudio to Options menu
    • Added Reset Options to Defaults under Options menu with Ctrl+R hotkey
    • Added automatic saving and loading of last font type and font size used
    • Improved help
  • 2.1.8 2022-08-01:
    • Fixed «ﻔ» not displaying correclty
    • Fixed «ﷲ» ligature not displaying correctly
    • Fixed many issues with fonts not displaying correctly
    • Changed all fonts type from Normal to Regular
    • Improved displaying of multi diacritics
    • Added Persian interface with Ctrl+L hotkey
    • Added new font «LMN Avvali.ttf»
    • Added «ﮥ» ligature for both algorithms
    • Added Alt+H to Show All toolbars
    • Added Ctrl+H to Hide All toolbars
    • Added Ctrl+Alt+N hotkey to Replace to English Numbers
    • Added Ctrl+Shift+N hotkey to Replace to Persian Numbers
  • 2.1.7 2021-10-05:
    • Added cross-platform auto dark mode
    • Added Dark Mode under View menu with Ctrl + M hotkey
    • Updated all dependencies
  • 2.1.6 2020-12-19:
    • Fixed compatibility issue with macOS Big Sur
    • Minimum supported macOS has changed to 10.14 Mojave
    • Fixed uninstall icon for Windows setup
    • Updated all dependencies
  • 2.1.5 2020-11-16:
    • Fixed text display problem when using on-screen keyboard on macOS
    • ParsiNegar fonts are now embeddable
    • Improved conversion algorithms
    • Improved export modules
    • Added EPS export
  • 2.1.4 2020-05-20:
    • Fixed crash on Windows 10 update 1909
    • Updated all dependencies
  • 2.1.3:
    • Updated core to the latest version
    • Updated all dependencies
    • Embedded main font into the application
    • Improved On-Screen keyboard text on MacOS
    • Fixed DPI scaling not working sometimes
    • Minimum supported macOS has changed to 10.13
  • 2.1.2:
    • Minor changes
    • Windows binary is now digitally signed
  • 2.1.1:
    • Optimized text rendering engine
    • Added more tools under Tools menu
      • Convert «ی» to «ي»
      • Convert «ک» to «ك»
      • Convert «هٔ» to «ه‌ی»
      • Convert Numbers to English
      • Convert to English Quotation Marks
      • Remove All Harekats (Diacritics)
      • Remove All Keshide Characters (Tatweel)
  • 2.1.0:
    • Re-wrote text to path module
      • Added export to PDF (text to path)
      • Added export to PS (text to path)
      • Added export to SVG (text to path)
    • Added Special Convert for VideoStudio Pro option under Tools menu
    • Added saving of last used folder
    • Added saving of last used style
    • Added saving of view options
    • Added about window
    • Improved help documentation
    • Improved Unicode conversion algorithm
  • 2.0.1:
    • Minor UI changes
    • Minor bugfixes
  • 2.0.0:
    • ParsiNegar was re-written from scratch to support macOS
    • Both algorithms are now 3 times faster
    • Added 6 new styles
    • Added alignment tools
    • Made UI much simpler
  • 1.50:
    • Added Persian menu when program is displayed in Persian
    • Added «ه‌ی» to «هٔ» converter under Tools menu
    • Added «"ا» to «اً» converter under Tools menu
    • Added Edit/fix ZWNJ problems under Tools menu
    • Added «%» to «٪» converter to numbers to Persian numbers converter
    • Added elevated privilege to ParsiNegar Editor
    • Fixed Windows 8+ settings problems
    • Fixed the gap between characters when exporting to vector
    • Fixed .lpn save problem when exiting program
    • Fixed .lpn save problem in Windows 8+
    • Fixed «ParsiNegar cannot write at its root folder» error in Windows 8+


  1. Download and install


Windows 7 SP1 and later, macOS 10.14 and later


Ali Mohazab x2 Amir Reza Vossough Farshad Kivi Joobin Gharibshah Kamyar Keikhosravy

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