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LeoMoon UserFolders


LeoMoon UserFolders is a small utility that can quickly change current user’s default folders on Windows to avoid saving on the OS partition. It is mainly used to modify default user folders on new Windows installations. This application will detect the next fixed partition and fill out the correct path based on the current username for the selected paths.

By setting a secondary partition for your documents, Windows will use these new paths to save your files. This way, reinstalling Windows, will not wipe your files (they are saved on the second partition).

** LeoMoon UserFolders DOES NOT move files from old path(s) to new path(s). This has to be done manually by user. **

Please note this is not a form of backup. You still need to backup your files.


  • Quickly select and change most used Windows user folders
  • Detects the next fixed partition
  • Fills out the correct path based on the current username
  • 100% clean
  • Easy to use
  • Small size
  • Portable


  • Amin Babaeipanah


  • 1.0.3 2020-05-20:
    • Fixed crash on Windows 10 update 1909
    • Updated all dependencies
  • 1.0.2: Minor bugfix
  • 1.0.1: Initial release


  • Download and run as administrator


Windows 7 SP1 and later

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