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LeoMoon PowerKeys


LeoMoon PowerKeys is a hotkey manager to assign global hotkeys to folders and programs. It is designed for hackers and programmers as it does not have a GUI.


  • Small size and portable
  • Ability to define system-wide hotkeys
  • Ability to enable and disable all hotkeys with Ctrl+Win+H
  • Very fast with low system requirements


  • Amin Babaeipanah


  • 1.6: Added support for Windows environment variables
  • 1.5: Added ability to add custom hotkey to toggle LeoMoon PowerKeys
  • 1.4: Added double click on the icon to toggle
  • 1.3: Optimized hotkey engine
  • 1.2: Minor bugfix
  • 1.1: Minor changes
  • 1.0: Initial release

How to use

After running PowerKeys, you can right click on it’s icon in the notification area and select Edit ini which will open LeoMoon PowerKeys.ini to add hotkeys.

Special Keys:

Control ^
Alt !
Shift +
Windows key #
Del {DEL}
Space {SPACE}
Backspace {BS}
Up arrow {UP}
Down arrow {DOWN}
Left arrow {LEFT}
Right arrow {RIGHT}
Escape {ESC}
Insert {INS}
Page up {PGUP}
Page Down {PGDN}
Home {HOME}
End {END}
Function keys F1 to F12 {F1} - {F12}
Print screen {PRINTSCREEN}
Numpad digits 0 - 9 {NUMPAD0} - {NUMPAD9}
Numpad multiply {NUMPADMULT}
Numpad add {NUMPADADD}
Numpad subtract {NUMPADSUB}
Numpad divide {NUMPADDIV}
Numpad period {NUMPADDOT}

The rest of the keys can be used by just typing them.

When you’re done, save the ini file and right click on PowerKeys’ icon in the notification area and Reload ini.

Example ini

This is the ini that comes with the program.
[Main Hotkey]
;This is the main hotkey to toggle LeoMoon PowerKeys


;Open My Computer folder with Ctrl+Alt+c

;Open Control Panel with Ctrl+Alt+p

;Open Users folder with Ctrl+Alt+u

;Open Internet Explorer with Ctrl+Shift+i
^+i=c:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe

;Open Notepad with Ctrl+Shift+n

Future ideas

  • Make a GUI to edit hotkeys


Windows 7 and later

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